Me at the Computer

Its not easy typing without opposable thumbs yah know
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6 Tummy rubs:

Toby said...

You are just too cute!! Its great to see that you do your own typing for your blog!~


Sophia said...

Hey you're cute! I'm a Maltese too! And you're lucky. My mommy doesn't let me type - I have to tell her want I want to say.

Scrappy said...

Thank you Sophia I looked at your blog you are very cute too ;-) you know it is really hard to type when you dont have opposable thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Scrappy you are just the cutiest. I love your blog.

Anjie xox

Peta said...

Well, how cute do you look. You just make me want to give you a big squeeze

Hero & Casper said...

Hero: I don't type... I just watch the pretty gal and handsome boy from the video mommy is watching :-D

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