I love Bubble Baths

I love bubble baths and I love sharing them with mommy!
Mommy always says "Scrappy can I please have some peace!" What does she mean? I give her a litle piece of the bath......I am a good boy and I share with mommy.

Sometimes, she tricks me and pretends to be done in the bathroom and sends me out to daddy and then I hear her in the bath again and then I go in and give her my very best angry look ...... the one with the fierce stare and pursed lips! Daddy says it is mommy's own fault......... as she let me have a bath in the very hot days of summer with her and I liked it so much that now when mommy is in the bath I like to get in too...... I am a very clean doggy so its okay really it is.......

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3 Tummy rubs:

Anonymous said...

My, Oh my, how funny

Jan said...

Oh lol I can just picture you in the bath playing with the bubbles. What a cutie you are

Hero & Casper said...

Hero: Casper, run... faster... it's bubble bath!

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