Roo Sticks......

This is me with my first and last Roo Stick!
Yes, they are the same as Bully sticks only Roo sticks are made from Kangaroo!!
Mommy said she thinks Australia is the only place in the world where you can eat one of its National Icons!

Roo sticks are soooo yummy. When I finished I went to give my mommy a big thank you kiss and she went YUCK!!! Said I had bad breath!! My mommy made me drink lots of water and she cleaned my teeth a zillion times........ All because she said my breath was a little smelly!! When daddy came home and I gave him a kiss he went WHOA!! and asked mommy what I had been eating and insisted my teeth get cleaned again!!! Then I got not one but two greenies to chew on. I love greenies and daddy said they did help to make my breath smell nicer. I guess I wont be getting anymore Roo stick treats. Sometimes when I am napping I will dream about eating another yummy Roo stick! Oooooh the memories of the delicious treat will stay with me forever. I once heard mommy say that the memory of the Roo sticks will stay with her forever too. I did have a little upset tummy the next day. I think the roo meat was a little too rich for me. And mommy was rather upset when she discovered what Bully sticks and Roo sticks are made from. Now! what are the chances of mommy letting me have one of those delicious pigs ears I have been hearing about..........

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7 Tummy rubs:

Anonymous said...

Awww poor Scrappy that treat sounds like it was dogone delicious.

Boo said...

hey scrappy,

when i was reading that you were having bully sticks (or used to) i was about to let you know that i recently read it somewhere what it was actually made of... glad you have found out yourself! maybe biscuit is the best treat for us!

wet wet licks


Scrappy said...

LoL you should have seen the look on mommy's face when she found out what they are made of. I thought I was never going to get kisses again, ever.

Boo said...

LOL! luckily you still getting kisses!

wet wet licks


Scrappy said...

hehehe boo it took daddy a few days to let me kiss him. What is it with our humans that they don't like smelly things!

Chiyo said...

oh scrappy! i just found out recently too about the bully sticks!!! and that was that! i don't want no bully sticks anymroe!! but before we found out, i used to chew it all the time and HM let me kiss her all the time too. then she found out and went to retch in the toilet :p


Scrappy said...

ewwwww your poor HM ignore my mommy she is laughing......
In answer to your question to me on your blog the white backgrounds are because the animations are made for a forum we are on and the white blends into the background. She knows they look a little stark on here but she is always changing the blog anyway so it doesnt really matter. ;-)

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