Happy, happy Christmas Day

A picture of me with a few of my presents.
Can you see how happy I was that Santa Paws remembered me!
I didn't stop smiling all day I was soooo happy!
It was the coldest Christmas day in history. We had nonstop rain and hail in my part of Australia. But I had a blast. it was a wonderful day. I just played and played. I looove toys. Thank you Santa Paws I love all my presents and everyone agreed that it was rather nice having a cold Christmas day for a change even though it is supposed to be summer here down under.

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8 Tummy rubs:

Boo said...

hehehe scrappy, your tongue is so pink!

it didn't rain here but doesn't matter coz i didn't get to go out. for 2 days in a row my hooman been home all day. mostly giving me lots of kisses and treats! hehehe.

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Wow, that is a lot of presents. You sure look happy.

Boy n Baby

Maggie said...

Hey Scrappy!
You got lots of neat toys! We're having unseasonably warm weather here! YUK! I like it cold - the colder the better! You're lucky!

Your friend,

Charlie The Big Dog said...

Merry Christmas Scrappy!

Cold Christmas's are the Best arent they:-)
It didnt rain to much in Sydney. We are just hoping New Years Day isnt anything like it was last year!

Luv your ol pal Chucksie Bux

Cubby said...

It was cold and rainy here, too, but it is winter here.

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Awww..baby. I'm glad that you stayed inside where it was warm!

You're looking good with all your new swag.

Sophia said...

Wow Scrappy! You sure got a lot of nice presents. You look pretty happy about all of your presents too!

Anonymous said...

WoW Scrappy looks like you had a good Christmas.

Shelley xx

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