I have been tagged!!!

The Airechicks

Tagged me to make 5 New Year Resolutions

The game is to list 5 New Year Resolutions
and then to tag 5 more dog Bloggers

Okay, here I go with my list for 2007 hehehe, notice that I have not said never once.

1: I will eat less and exercise more

2: I will remember that the Robovac is not another doggy to play with

3: I will beg less

4: I will bark at delivery men less

5: I will tolerate homemade bandanas

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19 Tummy rubs:

Fu Fu said...

Scrappy, really.. You'll eat less and exercise more?? I like that bling pic of you by the way. heee..

~ fufu

Scrappy said...

Fufu that resolution I can already tell is going to be a very hard one to keep.

Tail wags

Maggie said...

You don't like your bandana's??? I think they're special. For me it means I get to go for walkie!

Love ya lots,

Kevin the Collie said...

Hi Scrappy

Thanks for tagging me - and linking to me! I have added you to my blogroll and I'll try to think of some resolutions as good as yours,
Kevin the Collie

Sunshade said...

AHEM Scrappy, did you write those from deep down in your heart or did someone make you write them?? Those are mighty hard ones little man!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Scrappy said...

maggie I like some bandanas but not all. Some are a little uncomfortable.

Miss Sunshade you got it mom was twisting my paw can't you tell.

Noe licks

Boo said...

ha! i knew it scrappy. no way you wrote all those resolutions. we doggie will not bend the rules of being a doggie just for the hooman. afterall, we are the KING AND QUEEENS of the house.

maybe u can secretly tell me your resolutions... like finding a girlfriend.

wet wet licks


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey boo, I am his Girlfriend..lol

Good luck on keeping them..


Simba said...

Home made bandanas sound cool. Takes my Mummy all her brain power to make a sandwich. lol

Simba xx

Scrappy said...

Boo, See I already have a girrrrrrrrl friend LoL I didn't want mommy to know but another resolution is to try and get along with my new sister when she arrives, and to try and not steal all daddy's socks while he is putting them on....


Scrappy said...

Simba you are funny, Depends on the sandwich some take a lot of talent...

Tail wags

Pappy's Fella said...

Boy, you got a tag-team tagging on that New Year's tag. I'm glad you were able to handle it with such aplomb, sport. I've got to get one of those robovacs.

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Scrappy,
Since you are going to exercise more, are you joining my exercise class??? Be sure to let me know, I'm making my class list, hehehehe!
Our Mama makes bandanas to sell, we don't mind wearing them at all. Mama puts velcro on them, that way you don't have to tie them and you can't choke. Maybe your Mom can try velcro.
We love your bling picture!!!
Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Scrappy said...

Butchy and Snickers I am in!
Velcro hey why didn't mom think of that.... I must tell her.

Pappy robovac's are fun to play with aren't they but my hoomun gets upset coz I keep blocking its path and no vacumning gets done.

Tail wags

Anonymous said...

hahaha Scrappy you have set yourself high standards but I did notice you didnt say never that was wise

Your friend

Chiyo said...

yes scrappy, the robovac is no dog. us dogs can never keep up a growl or bark or whine for that long :) happy new year!!!


Justin said...

Happy New Year Scrapy!!

I have arranged for a Dog Of The Week Contest! in my blog. plz check out my blog for more details..
Tell your Momma to check it.

Thank you.

Scrappy said...

Chiyo, true they are noisy, but mom turns the music off coz it annoys her but then she doesnt know when it is stuck on one of my toys.

It is fun getting it to play ball though.

Nose licks

Joe Stains said...

tanner doofus needs to lose some wait too, but right now my mom is sick so we won't be doing any walking.

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