Oh, no! Not that picture. Pleeeeease no!

Oh, the indignity of it all.....

Just wait till I get opposable thumbs and no longer
need my typist.

Mommy said this picture of me laughing was cute

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Humff, I will be the judge of that......
I think she has made me look like the shark out of Jaws
look how big my teeth look YIKES!!!

just wait till I get to take a picture of
her laughing and post it and see how she likes that.

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12 Tummy rubs:

Boo said...

scrappy, your teeth are so BIG!! is your teeth really like that or the camera??

my front teeth are so tiny mama thought i'm not using those!

wet wet licks


Scrappy said...

No, my teeth are not that big it is the bad photographer who if she keeps this up is this >< close to being fired.

Tail wags

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

i think you look cute even when your teeth is showing. it makes me happy to see you laughing like that.

Your Girlfriend

Fu Fu said...

Scrappy scrappy.. what were you laughing about. Must be something funny..Share the joke...

~ fufu

Scrappy said...

awww do you think so girrrrrrfren? Mommy says its one of those pics that you just have to smile at but, I was afraid people would laugh and call me ugly....

Tail wags

Scrappy said...

Fufu I was laughing at my mommy who was pretending to be a doggy... next time I am going to in control of her cell phone and take a candid pic of her and see how she likes that.

Tail wags

Maggie said...

You look like you're getting ready to sneeze! It's a cute photo!

Love ya lots,

Huskee Boy said...

Oh Scrappy, you have nice teeth to begin with so you don't have to worry... Go check out my latest post and you'll know why..


Scrappy said...

Awww Huskee Boy have you got tooth problems....

hahaha Maggie no not sneezing just laughing at my mommy.

Tail wags

Anonymous said...

hahaha Scrappy that is a cute picture and it does make you smile when you look at it your mom is right


Snowy said...

awww!! love the picture of you smiling =)



Oscar Airedale said...

That's not your best angle, but you still look cute!

Oscar x

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