A Surprise in the mail for me!

Daddy bought in this envelope and he handed it to me
coz it was addressed to ......Master Scrappy

What could this be?

Awwwww its a Valentine card from Baby

Baby how sweet, and my first Valentine card too. I am so touched

The video needs your sound on.

Thank you Baby sooooo much ..... Who needs treats when I have a picture of you to treasure for always.

PS: mommy is glad you didn't put any treats in so it is okay. She doesn't let me have many bought treats. I mainly get vegetables as treats. This all happened after she found out what Roo ( Kangaroo) sticks were made of. I thought them delicious but mommy decided they were disgusting.

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14 Tummy rubs:

Huskee Boy said...

Wowieee Scrappy!! You have a V-Day card from Baby??! *Jealous*

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Scrappy, I am not able to hear anything but not your fault, it's mine cos i got no speaker attached to the computer now. I will check the video again later at night.

I am so glad that the gift got there in time. Mama was taking her sweet time with all the mailing. Get your mom to put a string behind the thing so that you can hang it somewhere at your home. And remember to put my picture where you can see it often *wink*

Lotsa Love

Scrappy said...

I am saving the gorgeous name plate for my new house. I am going to hang it over my bed so my new sister when she arrives will know it is mine.

Awww you need to hear the sound as the song is for you.

Tail wags

Fu Fu said...

Woh Scrappy, you got a valentine day gift already. How sweet...

~ fufu

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh Scrappy, you are moving house? remember to keep us posted on you addy. We dont want to send things to the wrong person ..hehe.

There is a song? ok ok, we will listen to it at night.

chiyo said...

oh that is the cutest song!!! :) hee hee so i guess you'll be making baby your valentine? :)


chiyo said...

oh that is the cutest song!!! :) hee hee so i guess you'll be making baby your valentine? :)


Joe Stains said...

you sure are lucky!!!

Boo said...

oh scrappy is a happy maltese!

but i'm not jealous coz i got mine yesterday from baby too. wah-ha-ha!

i wonder if your new sister will be a maltese or another breed??

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Ah young love. Thats so sweet.

Simba xx

Scrappy said...

hahaha Simba

Boo mommy wants another Maltese

Tail wags

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, love is in the air.

So what is in the kangaroo sticks?

Oscar x

Scrappy said...

Oscar, they delicious but mommy went ewwww when she found out they are the same things as Bully sticks are made of only they are Kangaroo.

Tail wags

Jasper said...

Yeah....what are Roo sticks made of????

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