Me in my carseat

This is what I have been doing lately...
lots of traveling. fortunately I love car-rides and visiting.

These pictures were taken on our way home where I was a little exhausted after a hard day of cheering people up.
Mommy had one sister who was seriously ill and is now doing much better
and another one who broke her shoulder in a car accident and needed some help.

But, all is well now. So, mommy has promised to catch up on my blog and read all my doggy friends blogs too as I have missed out on soooo much.
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18 Tummy rubs:

Huskee Boy said...

Scrappy dahhhh-ling!!
It's is SO GOOD to have you back!! You have been missed so much! Ohh glad that your mum's sister is doing better.. it must be from all the licks you have given her..

Boo said...

welcome back scrappy. as you say all is well. hope you will blog regularly now.

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Glad to hear your mummy's sisters are doing better now. It's horrible when people you love are sick.

Your car seat looks very cosy!

Oscar x

Simba said...

You look so cute in your car seat. I've missed you.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

Your carseat looks nice and cushy!
Glad your mom's sisters are doing okay!
Glad to have you back Scrappy!

Love ya lots,

Sophie Brador said...

Cool. I wonder if Sophie would fit on one of those?

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Hey Scrappy

Who said i didnt miss you when you were away. Lucky thing you did drop a note saying that your mom was busy or i would have form a search team to look for you.

I hope that you aunties are better now.


Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Scappy, I'm glad things are settling down for you and your mum, and that her sisters are on the mend. I hope you'll come by and sign my guest book when you have time. I've added you to my list of Aussie mates. xxx Asta

chiyo said...

hi scrappy,

i'm glad your mom's sisters are ok, and rough patch is over. keep smiling and keep your mom smiling! :)


Fu Fu said...

Hey Scrappy. I hope your mum's sisters get better soon. Was travelling fun for you? Did you met any other doggies along the way?

~ fufu

Girasol said...

I hope your family get well.
About a car trip ummmm I ahve some issues... I hide in the floor when I go in a car trip.

Sunshade said...

OH noooo... yes, car seat is definitely a good thing. Mum was in an accident not long ago... and she had a bruised liver...

Oh, and are you coming to the DWB's Wine, Cheese & CHAT Pawty??? Come check out my blog for details!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi ya Scrappy,
Glad to hear that everyone is getting better. You look so cute in your car seat. I have to get my Mom to get one for me. Um, maybe she should get a car first!

Sweets-Little Big Man

Simba said...

I have been nomimated for the awesome blog awards!! How cool it that. Please vote for me.

Simba xx

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey there l'il Scrappy,

glad to hear the humans are repairing ok.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Scrappy,
We've missed you! So sorry about your Mama's sisters being hurt & sick. We sure hope they are doing better now. We bet you cheered them up!! Hope you are back to blogging soon!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

The Airechicks said...

So glad your there to cheer and make everyone feel better....

But we're very happy you're back

e said...

We haven't been here in a while. Hope everything is okay with your human sisters.
And congrats on the new doggy sister! I want a sister or brother too...


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