Huskee Boy thank you ♥

Huskee boy... finally mommy let me open your parcel. remember the one that Australian customs opened and stole the treats from!! Then mommy opened and had a sneak peek and no matter how much I barked, I still wasn't allowed to look..... Well here it is at long last........

Scrappy, I think this one is for me see it says Pebbles!!

Oh, no it cannot be I have waited sooo long to open this parcel!!

Sneaky lil sister it says "Scrappy and Pebbles"

As you can see Huskee Boy has good taste
the card is beautiful and mommy loves the
little Scrappy and Pebbles ornaments annnnd
I love the squeaky toy lolly pop sooo much.

Pebbles showing of one of the pretty hair clips
Pebbles guarding the toys.... She even has some tucked up under her. She loves the Cuz, Now maybe I can get mine back! Thank you Huskee Boy for thinking of her
Nose licks to you Huskee ...... all the gifts are just perfect.
Mommy too is so happy with the mini Scrappy and Pebbles
and she loves the pretty little hair clips.
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5 Tummy rubs:

Bella said...

What beautiful pressies!!
That was nice of your mum to let you get to see & play as with them leading up to your Barkday.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

That lollipop is really nice..Can it squeaks too?

Boy n Baby

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Scrappy,
I am glad your mommy let you open the pressie! Pebbles looks so cute with the clip.. hmmm.. might look kinda cool on you too??! Hee...

Maggie & Mitch said...

Those are super nice gifts! Huskee is so thoughtful! So Pebbles is into Cuz too! yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Love ya lots,

Stanley said...

WooHoo Scrappy!!

Presents from Huskee! Very cool. Pebbles looks so funny and so intense guarding all of her toys. Watch ou!

Goober love,

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