Pebbles the day after

Hi this is Scrappy with an update on Pebbles' spay...... Pebbles is doing well. No pain killers or no bite collar was needed she is being very good.

This is her on her arrival home. She just wanted to snuggle with mommy
Mommy slept on the sofa all night with her just to be sure she was okay.

Pebbles looking a little dazed

She is feeling a little spunkier here and was telling mommy just how she felt about it all. She woke everyone up at 3am but she was hungry and was asking for something to eat. The vet said she may not be hungry and not to worry LoL

The morning after and Pebbles tells Scrappy all about it
"The vet did what to you!!!
trimmed the hair around your eyes. Oh, no!! mommy was trying to grow that out!!!"

I do love playing with her so daddy took me out for the day and left Pebbles home with mommy as she was supposed to be kept quiet for 24 hours.

And we left this yucky pic till last........
Pebbles' scar
it is about 3cm long or a bit over an inch

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13 Tummy rubs:

fee said...

awww... i hope the scar doesn't hurt. it didn't hurt one bit when i got stitched up. remember to keep it clean and dry!

get well soon, pebbles!

Boo said...

OUCH! feeling the pain. when mom sent me for the surgery, i was groggy for 2 days!

wet wet licks


Maggie & Mitch said...

I love the part when the vet tells the hoomans that we won't be hungry! Who are they kidding! OMG, we're starved! I'm so glad Pebbles is on the mend!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

oh that cut looks ouchy, we hope you are feeling so much better VERY VERY soon!!

Bella said...

Pebbles - it sounds like you were a very good patient and are recovering nicely. I'm so pleased to hear that.
It's funny how the vet cut the hair around your eyes, when I was done they didn't do that to me, but little Crystal (from Snowy & Crystal) was speyed recently & thet cut her hair too??
Much love & speedy recovery.

ToFFee said...

good thing you didn't wear those collar which looks like we're being invaded by aliens.

glad to see you're okay!

I like your background.. how do you do that? your mom is very pawlented.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Pebbles is such a brave girl. I love that pic where she's whispering to Scrappy. That scar looks ouchy. I hope it heals soon

~ Girl girl

PreciOus said...

Good to see Pebbles spunky again. Remember not to play rough ok? Speedy recovery!


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We are sue Pebbles will be well soon and you both can wrestle play again :)

Boy n Baby

ROSSI said...

Oh Pebbles... u too?.. guess i can't escape this fate of mine.. anyway, glad to see u doing great...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.. i will link u guys in my fav list.. hope u dun mind.. oh yes, u guys are super cute!.. :))


ChaChi Lu said...

Pebbles...I am thinking this is a conspiracy! I , too, had a similar experience lately. What is going on?

I felt better after about four days. I just felt like I had too many glasses of Champagne...woah!

Kisses and licks,
~ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

chiyo said...

awwww it looks like pebbles was telling your mommy about it VERY LOUDLY! hee hee hee

so glad she's feeling alright already. she's a very brave girl!

i may be wrong but her wound looks pretty big. how long is it? i can't really tell without a paw or something to gauge against. mine was about 1cm long when i got it done


Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Thanks everyone Pebbles is doing well and when she overdoes it she runs to mommy for a cuddle.

Her tummy does hurt her and sometimes she does a little sideways walk. But her scar is healing well though she is not back to eating like she was which is perhaps a good thing lol

Chiyo the scar is about 3cm long you were very lucky.


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