It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

EVERYWHERE WE GO.............

Hey! you better not move, you better not blink, you better stay still,
I'm telling you why.................

Wearing hats makes you concentrate very, very, hard that's why.

Back view of my Christmas harness and hat that mommy made
I actually quite like wearing the hat.... Pebbles also has a Christmas dress and matching hat as you can see in the pictures....
mommy really has a thing for hats!

Take a look at all these fabulous egreeting cards we received from our DWB friends. Sadly, some egreetings went into our spam folder annnnnd well you know what happens to spam....... We also received some fabulous animated online ecards which we cannot include here. Everyone was so creative .........
we enjoyed them all.
We are proud to be members of DWB

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11 Tummy rubs:

Hammer said...

Hi Scrappy and Pebbles
You look really cute in your Christmas gear.
Love from Hammer

Asta said...

Hi Scrappy and Pebbles
Thank you vewy much fow youw Chwissmuss cawd!
I love youw outfits that youw Mom made..I think you'we weady fow Santa!
smoochie kisses

Blue said...

Hi there you two!

Looks as if you're ready for Christmas...

Pats & pets

TH said...

Hi Scrappy and Pebbles
You´re so cute in your outfits! Your mom is very talented!

Love and licks

Lorenza said...

You two look great!
Just 5 more days!
Have a good night

Anonymous said...

hey,thanks fovisiting my 6 months old in answer to your woof!!!!!!

ChaChi Lu said...

Oh, that Christmas harness and Hat - they are SOOO adorable!

ChaChi Lu and JET

Amber said...

Hello Scrappy and Pebbles, you look very cute with your christmas outfit. I can't wait for Christmas!

Amber :)

Lacy said...

woofies Scrappy and Pebbles !!! may me plez haf ur email address??

b safe,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Haa you 2 look so sweet in your xmas hat.

~ Girl girl

happy said...

Hi Scrappy and Pebbles!

You two are so adorable! Cute Christmas outfits too!

Thank you for dropping by.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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