Scrappy here........

Hard to believe we were last on our blog at xmas.....

So much has happened. Pebbles got really, really, sick on Christmas eve and took most of Jan and into Feb before she was all better, Mom decided while daddy was in America (he left the day after Christmas and was away for 10 days) to have a little Oooops type accident in the car (a $1,000+ Au Ooops) She was very embarrassed, fortunately our skin sister was with us and being a Saturday there were lots of men passing by who stopped and helped. It took about 10 of them to lift the car out of one of those planter things they have in carparks. Seems mom decided to park in front of the only one that didn't have a tree in it.....and when leaving decided to drive forward........silly her, and then she got sick...... she no sooner got over one problem then another occurred then she got the flu that took 3 weeks to clear........I was the only healthy one around here for quite a while.

We are all getting better now and with the summer almost over we should be around here more often. Mom said there is just so much reading to catch up on, on everyone's blogs that she isn't sure she will ever catch up.... She said she needs someone to give her all the gossip in a nutshell. Whatever that means.

We will post pictures soon, mommy has just finished freshening up our blog with a new background and banner and we still have more news on what has been going on with us.

Last but, not least a big thank you to all who posted messages to us in our absence that was very kind of you and we appreciated it.

Till next time this is Scrappy signing off Photobucket
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5 Tummy rubs:

Lorenza said...

Hi, Scrappy!
It makes me so happy to hear that you all are ok now! I was worried!
I will be waiting for your next post and pictures!
Kisses and hugs

PS I like your new look!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh that must be scary times. Glad that it's all ok now. Please take care

~ Girl girl

Thor said...

Hi Scrappy! I´m so glad to hear that you all are ok!!!!


Bella said...

I'm so happy that you are back posting but so sorry that you have had so many challenges over the last few months - must have been quite a scare with Pebbles being so ill.
Wuffs all around

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Scrappy and Pebbles

We are soooooooooo glad that you are back. WE MISS YOU!!!!!

We hope everyone is feeling better now :)

Boy: Btw Scrappy, i think your blog is not cool. Its very girlish.

Baby: Scrappy,Dont listen to Boy. I think its very pretty!

*Boy n Baby still arguing*

Boy n Baby

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