My dog my friend

dedicated to my friend Janine and Alex
a beautiful Maltese who went to the bridge today.

Last pic of Alex taken today
He's with me 24 hours a day. And never a word is able to say. But he can say more with a look or two, such as I Love You, My Whole World Is You! As I do my chores thoughout the day, He's by my side, every step of the way. When I stop to eat, you can bet he's there, sitting of course, in his favorite chair. And if some night I decide to go out. He'll hang his head, and kinda pout. He sits by the window, until I come home. Sits there and waits so patiently. Hoping to catch a glimpse of me, can't wait till I put the key in the door. He's barking and jumping, and barking some more. Then as I lay me down to sleep. He's there by my side, his vigil to keep. And I thank the Lord, in the heaven above. For My Best Friend, My Dog and His Love!

RIP Alex

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2 Tummy rubs:

roughseasinthemed said...

Sorry, B, SnP, know how it feels. xx

backandforth said...

That is beautiful Robin. I had Janine and Alex in my thoughts most of the day today. I feel so bad.

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