No fleas on me.

Mummy is always in search of the best flea treatment that is non toxic,,,  She has for years been putting Apple Cider Vinegar in our drinking water which was mainly to change the PH balance for Scrappy to get rid of tear stains as he was born with blocked tear ducts and using it as a final rinse on spa day and now she has found this.... giving B1, thiamine, to your pets will deter ticks. Given daily, a build up will occur in about 3 weeks deterring ticks and fleas as well.  Only baby doses for us little dogs though.

Last year we had our first and only major flea infestation when we went visiting and there was another dog also visiting that was full of fleas.  It drove us and mummy insane as we had never had or seen a flea before.  Mummy previously as a precaution tried using a topical flea treatment on me Scrappy, and I had a very bad reaction to it so ever since she has been on the search for the perfect treatment.   We discovered fleas hate peppermint essential oils so mum always sprays diluted peppermint essential oil along the skirting boards and our beds.  (by accident during a mouse plague mum discovered mice and ants also hate peppermint essential oils)  as well as steam cleans everything.  Just between us but, mummy gets a little OCD where nasties are concerned. 

Easter long weekend is for relaxing

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9 Tummy rubs:

Pippa said...

I see I'm not the only pup who has to suffer vinegar in their water and smelling of essential oils. I do wish you hadn't mentioned that peppermint trick though, it has given Misery ideas, and she has far too many of those as it is. She wants to know what sort of spray you use for it? Pic please?

Pippa x

Maggie and Mitch said...

Your mom is very smart with the natural remedies, guys! We can tell that she loves you a lot!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

Pippa tell Misery it is just a spray bottle from the supermarket. One that has an adjustable nozzle they retail for about a 1$ here. Hairdressers use them so do gardeners for misting plants..

Ludo van Doggy said...

Thanks for visiting me over my birthday weekend!
Very handy tip there, I hope it all works. I get apple cider vinegar in my food and in the treats Mum makes for me.

Asta said...

Scwappy and Pebbles
you two awe sooo vewy adowabull.
Guess what?
I get teaw stains too
i have teaw duct pwoblems and eaw infections all the time..thank dog othew than that, I'm usually vewy healthy.
I wish my mommi wewe as clevew as youws is
we hate bugses vewy much too, luckily, we have no fleas ow any othew bugses hewe..but if i evew go to the countwy, it suwe is good to know this stuff
smpochie kisses

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the natural tick and flea prevention ideas!

Arooo, Stuart

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