3 Dogs chased me!!

When out on my favourite walk around the lake with my daddy a lady had her three dogs off leash (in a clearly marked dogs must be on leash area) and they all chased me. I was very scared so as I clambered up my daddy and into his arms. The dogs kept coming so I climbed onto my daddy's head and from there I barked and growled at the dogs. The big black dog had his paws on my daddy's shoulders trying to reach me and the two small ones were barking and jumping at my daddy. Eventually the lady was able to get her dogs' attention and she left the park with them. Daddy then decided to put me down but I wasn't having any of that! After a little bit daddy tried again and I was happy to walk and by the time we got home to mommy I was fine but daddy had some very nasty scratches on his head.

Exploring one of the walks around the lake

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