I am a Hero!

Well, that is what my daddy and sister told mom when we got back home......
My sister was leaving for Mexico the next day and needed some last minute things from the supermarket so daddy and I went with her. As she got out of the car to enter the shop some boys started yelling at her so she got back into the car just as they arrived bashing at the car with bottles of alcohol and screaming and swearing and telling daddy he better not be calling the police (which was exactly what he was doing) After a little bit I got mad and leapt out of daddy's arms and landed on my sister's lap where I started snarling and barking at the boy who was banging on the window at her. I must have looked really mean and angry because the boys ran away. After they left daddy had a look at where the boys had come from and found they had vandalised a shop as it was late at night daddy went to the police station to report it. Daddy and my sister were very proud of me for protecting them.

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Kanga said...

Oooops I had an accident and the original blog disappeared and along with it all the comments went too.

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