Potty Training

When I was a brand new puppy. I tried really hard to never wee on the office or showroom carpet so I would run down the corridor and try really hard to make it into the coaching centre and poop and wee on the hardwood floor! I must have been doing the right thing because the kids who were training would get so excited and point and my "skinkid" big sister would go calling to mommy to come see what I had done!! Mommy would pick me up and kiss me and say "good boy" So, I kept doing it till mommy decided that I needed a pee pad under her desk in her office so that I didn't have to run so far.......wasn't that kind of her?
At home mommy showed me where to go to potty and I always use the bathroom! Mommy is very proud of how quickly I learnt to potty. I have heard her brag that I was trained in about 2 weeks.........But, she is wrong! I have always known how to potty, I think she just means I learnt to potty where she wanted me too........ don't you agree! I have to tell my mommy when I use the toilet so that she cleans up for me as it is yucky and I refuse to reuse the toilet tray. I heard mommy say that I am a very clean boy, but she never sounded very happy when she said that at 4am in the morning when I woke her to proudly tell her I had pottied! Now, I am bigger I wait to show mommy when she gets up in the morning. Mommy is very polite and always says Thank you to me!
Once, when we were visiting. I went to the toilet at my Aunt's house and everybody laughed real hard! I guess they laughed because they don't have a dog at that house. So they have never seen one find the toilet all by themselves and neatly go in front of the pedestal before. (my mommy now takes one of my toilet trays when we visit) At my grandma's house I always ask to go outside. They were suprised the first time when I started scratching at the door to ask to go out But, I ask you........ what is a dog to do when the door to the bathroom is shut!
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Katie said...

ROFL too funny. Scrappy is adorable

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