Scrappy does a rather powerful impersonation of a fireman... when he smells smoke he starts rounding us all up.and gets very frustrated if ignored when he is doing his duty.

Our next door neighbor is living on his land as he builds his house albeit with the number of caravans it looks more like a gypsy settlement.  Last night being particularly cold our neighbor decided to light a bonfire, a very smokey bonfire!   Poor Scrappy PhotobucketScrappy started to try and get Pebbles and mummy out of the house. When we didn't comply he started shaking, panting and pacing.  Then just as the fire was obviously dying out and Scrappy starting to relax we hear gunshots and this time both Scrappy and Pebbles are racing around the house barking their heads off.  Next door I am assuming was shooting rabbits as we are inundated at the moment with rabbits.  Just get them both settled and the program I was watching suddenly has dogs barking on the tv so off go Scrappy and Pebbles again.  Usually they just run to the doggy room, look out the window and come back but this time they went berserk.

As a result mummy is a bit grouchy this morning and muttering that she got about 4hrs sleep...  Not our fault mummy, we love you,

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2 Tummy rubs:

Lacy said...

w00fs, aww, they are protecting u...

b safe,

Pippa said...

Poor mummy. And poor you two as well. Misery says Lavender. I think she is obsessed with essential oil of lavender!! Apparently it is relaxing, by which she means it sends her to sleep (not that she needs anything to send her to sleep).

I do not like loud noises either. Bangs and such like. Fireworks are nasty.

Pippa x

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